At Woven City, we are working together to create the "future fabric of life" for societal well-being. We hope that a diverse array of inventors, engineers, and organizations who wish to co-create new value will join us in real-life demonstrations of goods and services.

Inquiries to Woven City

  • Inventor

    Inventors create technologies and services that can expand the possibilities of mobility.

    For example:
    • Toyota Group developers
    • Partner companies
    • Startups/entrepreneurs
    • Independent developers
  • Resident

    Residents are welcome to actively test out and enjoy the new services and technologies that the inventors are creating, and be an essential part of the co-creation through real-time feedback and engagement.

    There are no openings for having new residents at this point. However, we will be able to announce on our website and other media as soon as we are ready to receive residents.

  • Visitors

    The new services and technologies will also be open for visitors to Woven City, and can be enjoyed along with the experience to be part of the co-creation.

    Woven City is not open right now. We will announce it on our website and other media as soon as we are ready to receive visitors.

Other Inquiries to Woven City

For those wishing to join Woven City Management

The Woven City project welcomes members from diverse backgrounds.We are looking forward to hearing from you if you share our vision of "inventing the future fabric of life on a test course for mobility."