About Woven City

Toyota Woven City will be a place for co-creation, for inventors and residents who share our value and passion to invent something new "for others".

Two Mechanisms

It’s common to come across challenges when inventing something new. Woven City is a safe place for inventors to embrace these challenges as opportunities to “fail fast” and kaizen (improve), allowing for faster and more efficient development. It is a place where products and services will redefine the future of mobility and ultimately create wellbeing for all.
We have two mechanisms to support inventors’ development. The first is the "Woven Test Course," where people who share a common desire to make a positive difference in the world, live together to co-create new ideas. The other is the Woven Inventor Garage, which brings together Toyota's expertise in hardware and software craftsmanship and kaizen. Woven City will support inventors' development through these two mechanisms.

Woven Test Course

Woven Test Course resembles a real-life city where inventors and residents can co-create new ideas, products, and services. This can happen anywhere in the city, from streets and plazas to stores, offices, and even residences. Whether you’re an inventor, resident, or visitor, Woven City is the place where anyone can co-create new inventions that will redefine the future of mobility.
Phase 1 Official Dates - Construction of the first area of Woven City is set to finish by the end of 2024, with a soft launch expected in 2025.

Woven City plans to complete the construction in 2024, and some of the demonstration trials will begin in 2025. We would like to take a look a time-lapse video showing the progress construction.

The Making of Woven City

Woven Inventor Garage

Woven City will provide various types of support to help inventors fulfill their passion to make a positive impact in the lives of others. We offer development support by harnessing Toyota’s cutting-edge hardware and software technology. We also provide support for co-creation activities such as research that incorporates diverse data and real-time feedback from potential users.

How does Woven City address the challenges faced by inventors?
We spoke with an engineer at Woven by Toyota who supports inventors.