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Our Mission

Building the Future Fabric of Life in a City as a Test Course for Mobility.
Completion image of woven city (Streetscape)

Woven City is a test course for mobility to realize our dream of creating well-being for all.

Starting from Susono by Mt. Fuji, we will conduct trials of new ideas for systems and services that expand mobility and unlock human potential.

Here we will build the future fabric of life.

Woven City
Concept Video

Woven City Leaflet

Please check out this leaflet introducing Woven City.

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Woven City Press

Please check out our leaflet introducing Woven City’s expectations, activities, and initiatives.

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Inventors’ Interview

Inventor interviews published by Woven City Press.Vol.1

Woven City is an exploratory mechanism, an integrated system of various elements, all working together to weave the future fabric of life. This unique structure composed of Toyota group developers, partner corporations, startups, entrepreneurs, and residents of all ages exists to develop inventions that benefit all people in their everyday lives. Everyone living in Woven City is an inventor, jointly devoted to helping realize innovations that benefit all people. These diverse pioneers are encouraged to imagine ways to make life better, easier, and more enjoyable for all. Imagine if your dreams could become reality.

How would you improve society?
What can you imagine to enhance well-being for all? Unleash your creativity as you think about the possibilities within the exciting experiment of Woven City.

  • Toyota Group Developers Infotainment Team

    20230210_02 interview

    Mobility of Information Enables the Lifestyle of the Future

  • Start-ups/Entrepreneurs Takamitsu Ikoma ICOMA Inc. CEO/Product Designer

    20230210_01 interview

    Spreading the Joy of Mobility

    Ikoma is an inventor who has taken part in the exhibition project held at Woven by Toyota. He has not yet decided whether he will join the Woven City pilot test being set up in the city of Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Engineers who support the Inventors’ Interview

Interviews with the engineers that support inventors, published by Woven City Press Vol. 2.

All inventors face challenges regularly. How does the Woven City mechanism support inventors and help them address these obstacles when they arise?

We interviewed two of our engineers to find out.

  • Woven by Toyota Ayami Suzuka
    Marouane Boumeziane

    20230831_01 interview

    An environment free from common obstacles empowers inventors to focus on bringing their ideas to life

  • Woven by Toyota Shoya Kojima

    20230831_02 interview

    Virtually Replicating the World to Accelerate the Problem-solving Process

Completion image of woven city (bird's eye view)

Woven City

A test course for mobility to explore well-being for all being built on a “manufacturing” site that used to accommodate the Toyota Motor East Japan, Higashi-Fuji plant. Construction on Phase 1 is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2024. Subsequently, preparations will be made for the start of some initial trials in 2025.

Site size:
708,000 sq. metre 175 acres
Initial residents:
360 people
Future residents:
2,000 people

Above-ground and
Underground Mobility

Woven City will feature multiple types of above- and below-ground human-centered movement and navigation. To enable safe and efficient mobility, commercial deliveries, urban logistics, pedestrians, and personal and public transportation will each have a separate pathway.

  • Image of the Above-ground

    On the surface of the city, there will be three distinct pathways. One for automated mobility, another for pedestrians, and a third for both pedestrians and personal mobility.

  • Image of the Underground

    Beneath the ground, there will be a fourth pathway specifically for the movement of goods where the city's logistics network will also be installed.

Our Demonstrations

Our definition of mobility goes well beyond cars and transportation. We have defined 12 distinct areas of daily life where we can further empower people, amplify their capabilities, and increase the ways that mobility can positively impact society.

Mobility, Energy, Logistics, Agriculture Food, IoT, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Payment Finance, Safe Security, Smart Home, Housing Office

Akio's Message

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda believes, “As a global society we need to come together to heal, grow, learn, and create new possibilities for a collective future.” He also stated, “It is only through partnership and collaboration that we will realize the dream of not just mobility for all but a better quality of life for all. In fact, if it were up to me, I would add an 18th goal to the SDG's list - Happiness!”


  • CEO James Kuffner

    Photo of CEO James Kuffner

    Dr. James Kuffner received a Ph.D. from Stanford University Dept. of Computer Science Robotics Laboratory in 2000 and headed Google's Robotics Div. In 2016, he joined the Toyota Research Institute as CTO and served as Chief Digital Officer of Toyota's driving D/X from 2020 to 2023. As CEO of Woven by Toyota, he aims to strengthen the business and technology of the companies and create safe mobility for how people live, work, learn, interact, communicate, and move in the future.

  • Senior Vice President, Woven by Toyota Head of Woven City Management Daisuke Toyoda

    Photo of Head of Woven City Management Daisuke Toyoda

    Daisuke Toyoda is a founding member of the Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development (TRI-AD), and now a head of Woven City Management. He has worked to create an innovative environment that maximizes employee productivity. Currently, through Woven City, he continues to take on the challenge of creating a city realizing well-being for all. He also competes in endurance races to make ever-better motorsports-bred cars.


  • Making of Woven City - two years since the groundbreaking ceremony

    Watch on YouTube

  • Toyota School is a visiting lecture program. Recently, we visited an elementary school in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where Woven City is currently being built, to teach students about Toyota’s automobile manufacturing and development as well as Woven City

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    learn more

  • We participated in the 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022 KYOTO)

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    learn more

  • We participated in the “Community Friendship Festival - Susono” held in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where Woven City will be constructed

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We want to partner with people who are as thrilled as we are to work on a mobility test course of the future. Success starts by celebrating and fostering our team member's individual skills, talents, and ideas.


Our mission is to engage with society in this unique community as we develop, build, and test applications and processes that will form the future fabric of life. Woven City welcomes a diverse array of inventors, engineers, designers, and organizations who are excited to work on a city built as a testing ground for mobility.