May 22-25, 2024
Woven City participated in VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2024 in Paris.

VIVA TECHNOLOGY (VivaTech) is Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, held in Paris over recent years. At this year’s VivaTech, Hajime Kumabe, CEO of Woven by Toyota, delivered a speech explaining the vision for Woven City, and also introduced Woven City as a test course for mobility.

Our exhibition booth introduced two technologies from Woven Inventor Garage, a Woven City system that accelerates the development of inventions.
One of the technologies on show was Digital Twin, which digitally reproduces the real world based on collected data. It allows inventors at Woven City to simulate various services and hardware in the city before they are put into action.
The other technology, Vision AI, uses video data and AI to understand the movement and behaviors of people and things, while focusing on privacy. Its other benefit is that it can automate and reduce the manpower required for various types of analysis.

Photo of VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2024 #02

During VivaTech, various visitors, including startups, came to the booth and we were able to gather vital feedback from them. Leveraging what we learned at VivaTech, we will continue to prepare for the start of demonstration trials in 2025 so that we can further empower inventors to create “the future fabric of life” with us.

Photo of VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2024 #01

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